How Old are You, Really?

Mainstream medicine is very short sighted. Historically, doctors have been taught to wait until disease arises and then hurriedly treat it. Think about heart attack victims. I bet you know someone who has had a heart attack? Do you think their arteries became clogged overnight? Of course not.  He or she had risk factors, identifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease that could have been tested for. And that’s exactly what we do in my clinic. We identify so-called “biomarkers” of disease and treat them aggressively, before things go wrong. Essentially what we’re doing is identifying glitches in one’s metabolism that cause damage and ultimately disease. This accumulation of damage resulting in disease is known as AGING.

Here’s the thing. By identifying these glitches, we can treat them and in a sense, slow the aging process. No, we can’t change your chronological age. If you were born 62 years ago, you’re 62. But, how old are you inside, under the hood? Are you 62 or do you have the biology of a 40 year old? Well, that’d be great right. Problem is, many people are walking around under the assumption that they’re healthy because they look fit or because they haven’t been to the doctor in years. Wrong. I will bet you a finger (and that’s a hefty wager coming from a surgeon) that you’re not as healthy as you may believe. There’s a good chance that you’re suffering from accelerated aging with a biological age greater than your chronological age. 45 chronologically, but 55 biologically. On a fast track to that first bout of crushing chest pain unbeknownst to you. Until now.

With some basic blood work and utilizing a complex computer algorithm, I can estimate your biological age. And here’s the thing: If you find yourself on that accelerating train of aging, you can do something about it, as most disease risk factors are treatable. This is the premise of my book Get Serious and the foundational principle of my practice.

And so I ask, “How old are you really?” If you’re curious and want to take that first critical step towards optimal health, find out the answer to that question. Don’t risk it and find out too late that you’ve developed coronary artery disease and need bypass surgery. Then it is too late.  The cat is already out of the bag. All the money in the world won’t be able to buy you a cure. I’ve got a much cheaper and healthier proposition for you. A preemptive strike on the disease of aging.

Inexpensively, you can receive a digital copy of my book Get Serious, the companion exercise videos featuring former Navy SEAL Ray Care, lifetime access to our private FB page F.R.O.G. and access to a  recording of our half-day Health Optimization seminar. All this will be bundled with the results of your FREE biological age test. And you’ll receive it as digital download less than 1 week after your blood draw. This information is invaluable and the knowledge is empowering. By making the recommended lifestyle changes, you truly can grow “biologically younger” and get off that accelerating train of aging. You can reclaim your health, look great, feel great and have the same energy you did when you were 21. That’s right!

But it all starts with that critical first step. You’ve got to answer the question, “How old are you really?”  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.