Fat Loss & Body Recomposition Program

The Long-Term Weight Loss Solution Designed by Dr. Osborn

  • Board-Certified Neurosurgeon
  • Board-Certified Anti-Aging Physician
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Better Than Just Weight Loss! 

  • Faster
  • No Starvation Diets
  • More Permanent Results
  • Success Guaranteed or your money back
    (Success Based on Program Compliance)

Let Dr. Osborn change your body’s composition, targeting fat loss, not just weight loss, which can slow your metabolism, causing you to re-gain fat later on. With new medical breakthroughs, there is a better way – a much better way. That’s not hype; that’s a fact!

What’s Included?

  • First 10 weeks of program medication(s) and Starter Supplement Bundle
  • Intake consultation, motivational analysis, and health assessment
  • Lab test analysis by Dr. Osborn or a member of his qualified staff
  • Body composition analysis (InBody scale) and progress monitoring
  • Exercise clearance screening: echocardiogram, carotid duplex, spirometry and exercise step test
  • Membership to the Senolytix high-tech Performance Center
  • Follow-up evaluations: health assessments and motivational coaching (optional)

12-Month Membership



Wanting something with a little less commitment?

Our Express Weight Loss Program only requires a 3-Month Membership.

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I not only lost weight, added a lot of muscle and stopped snoring, but I also have the lowest cholesterol reading in my entire life at 57 years old!

Scott, Lost 47 LBS
Before & After: Scott, Lost 47 LBS