Burn Fat and Do It Fast

How many times have you heard this one? “He has a fast metabolism, and that’s why he’s thin,” as if a “fast metabolism” is some sort of elusive genetic endowment. Truth be told, you are lesser a product of your genes than you may believe. Sure there are predispositions to a particular body type, endo, ecto and meso-morph, but despite these, you can make appreciable changes to your physique by optimizing your metabolism.

So what is METABOLISM?

Distilled down, metabolism is the sum of all biochemical processes, both anabolic and catabolic and those by which cellular energy is produced. An optimized metabolism, one associated with health and longevity, is fueled predominantly by fat as opposed to carbohydrate, and in particular glucose. This will result in a leaner you regardless of your body type (a function of your inherent sensitivity to carbohydrate). And how do you coax your metabolism to preferentially utilize fat (that unsightly spare time you desperately want to deflate)? Easy. And it’s not a matter of reducing calories as promulgated by popular diets. It’s simply living in a low-insulin state.

By choosing low glycemic index carbohydrates, eating ample fat and supporting your hard-earned muscle with adequate protein intake, you will drive insulin levels down and by virtue, condition your metabolism to burn fat as opposed to sugar. This similarly occurs during the fasted state. But what did I say about reducing calories, long-term at least? You want to avoid it like the plague, as this will decimate your metabolism. Rev it up instead! How?

Well remember, the primary determinant of your metabolic rate is your skeletal muscle mass! Not only does muscle confer protection against diabetes and a host of age-related diseases (BMJ. 2008 Jul 12; 337(7661): 92–95), but also it preferentially burns fat in the wake of an intense strength-training workout. Translation? Muscle is your fat-burning engine. Does it surprise you, therefore, to learn that the best way to slim down is to add muscle to your body? It shouldn’t. Now hit the gym.

A novice? Well, think of it this way… so was everyone else at one point in his or her life! And truth be told, it’s not that complicated. Forget the fancy protocols, the dangerous WOD-based schemes that have transformed weight training into a timed sprint akin to a 100-meter dash, and the aero-yoga. Instead choose a back-to-basics approach rooted in compound movements such as the squat, bench press and deadlift. What built the massive “strongman” physiques of yesteryear still works today! That’s right. And it’s all laid out in the pages of Get Serious. Simply follow the protocol or as I always say, “Just follow the science.” It works every time. Why? Because as stated in chapter one, your body is an adaptive organism. Show it the proper signals, in this case, intense basic exercise, and provide it ample rest and nutrition, and watch the magic happen. The next thing you know, you’ve shed 3 inches off your waistline!

Too good to be true?

Well, see for yourself. There are myriad testimonials (all unsolicited) within the confines of our private FB group F.R.O.G. run by former Navy SEAL, Ray “Cash” Care and myself. F.R.O.G. is an acronym for “Forever Reaching One’s Goals.” And keep in mind that the vast majority of our members are not my private patients. They simply have chosen to get serious about their health and follow the science. You too can make significant changes to your body and overall health regardless of your chronological age. And it all starts with a choice, your choice. So choose health.

But don’t wait. Act now. Because you can!