An All-Too-Common Observation

I’m unsure as to whether or not it’s a manifestation of laziness or entitlement or maybe a little of both. After all, the two often coexist. I’ll let you decide.


Why is it that patients ask me if they “have to work out” if engaging me as their physician? Hmm… Do I have some sort of magic elixir that will remedy their problems sans effort on their behalf? No! Sure, metformin and hormonal optimization work wonders on the metabolism, but medications unto themselves won’t save you. Health takes work and the act of swallowing a handful of pills does not qualify as such. No way, no how. Health is not a right despite the opinions of the POTUS (Barack Obama) and the politically left. Health is a privilege. This is a central tenet of my book Get Serious, hence its name.

So what do I mean by work? Is it purely physical work that I demand of my patients? No. Sure, training intensity plays a big role in one’s quest for health, but what specifically are you accomplishing in the gym? Why is one exercise better than the other? And why is muscle critical to the body, metabolically speaking?

In that context, why is a low insulin signature, chronically, a key barometer of health and likely longevity? Inflammation? Same question.

Do you know the answer to these questions? No? Then you haven’t done your homework.**There is mental work too involved, don’t forget! Also something you can’t encapsulate and bottle. But here’s the good thing: The principles underpinning health are not only simple, but also static. And their mechanisms were etched into our genes eons ago. That’s right. All one needs to do is understand some of the basics and execute. Understand and execute. Mental and physical. And it’s easier than you think.

So what are you waiting for? Get Serious and get to work, hard work. I promise you, it will pay off…

** Read and digest the material in Get Serious and on this website. Contact us with your questions.